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We assist companies to export their products


• We provide Market Intelligence and planning:

Understanding your target market is essential. “if you want to do business with Cuba think as Cuban”


• We are specialist in business-to-business, sales & marketing, export development


• We give you local presence


• We support trade missions, participations in trade fairs and for other business-to-business events.


• We offer you counselling services


• We tailor our services/ service on demand “a la carte” day/ week/ month/ contract

We open doors to new markets and business opportunities

We Can Be Your Stepping Stone

Solutions  for Import & Export : Cuba


It is important to know and understand the latest regulations from the Cuban government :


• If you are a large company:


Mariel Economic Development Opportunities

Transportation Sector Investment Opportunities

Buying Property and Real Stated in Cuba

Importing & Exporting Systems Article 26

Foreign Investment (118 Law) :

Opportunities: Energy and Mining, Tourism, Industrial, Foods, Construction, Agriculture

Logistics & Shipping

You want to Rent an office in Cuba?

You want to invest in Cuba?

You want to Sale to Cuba?

You want to know about the Customs and Taxes?

You want Legal advice?

You want local support?

You need help?

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