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 Prior dealing with food commodities, at Group Monarch International Inc. we first  deal with people.  We are proud in the relationships we have built over the years we have been in the industry. It is through these relationships that Group Monarch International Inc., and our Associates/Partners and with our alliances that we mutually growth. More than just business, it is a “Partnering for success”.


Our professional team of experts brings a wealth of category management and product expertise. We are committed to partnering with  retailers, mass merchandiser, exporter, importers, distributors, wholesalers,  and branded companies sharing consumer insights and market analysis to facilitate category growth.


Our team works with a select group of retail and foodservice clients to create and develop brands, providing all the tools and advice needed to help companies succeed. From product design and development to branding, marketing and distribution, Monarch offers a full 360-degree service. Clients choose how involved they want the company to be in any given project, but Monarch is available to help every step of the way."Partnering for Success" and our partnership offerings can be broken down into the following segments: 



Monarch works exclusively for its private partners, taking care of everything from product development and branding to finding the right manufacturers.



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Agro-Food Sector

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By controlling supply chains and removing middleman, brokers and trading companies, we, at Group Monarch International, are able to create value for our customers around the world. Our strategic alliances create transparency throughout the supply chain and leveraging volume. We are committed to build long term relationships with growers, manufacturers and exporters  around the world and believe that our business model can benefit and provide fair returns and continuity for our business partners and associates.



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