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"A unique immersion camp in English and French in harmony with nature"
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"The best investment you can make is in the education of your children, providing them with every opportunity for their happiness. Their true inheritance lies in their education and in the mastery of several languages, which are fundamental in their development.
In addition, it is crucial to provide them with enriching experiences and adventures that foster their personal esteem and cultivate a deep contemplation for nature."

José Manuel Victoria, President & CEO

 Welcome to our unique and impactful MONARCH® international summer, winter and languages camp programs in Canada, designed to promote synergistic learning and provide children with an immersive language and outdoor adventure experience.

Our program emphasizes having fun while encouraging youth to feel good about themselves, their friends and family, God, and the environment. We draw inspiration from Scout Canada's values of leadership, community, and environmental stewardship, and our activities promote the development of important life skills and self-confidence in our campers.

Throughout our programs, campers can immerse themselves in English and French language learning, with expert instructors using creative and engaging techniques to help campers expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills. In addition, our exceptional Canadian staff will provide a fun and supportive environment, encouraging campers to express and respond to their spiritual values and beliefs while showing concern for others.

In addition to language immersion, our program is focused on outdoor adventure and environmental education. We offer a range of activities that encourage youth to develop self-reliance, pursue hobbies and personal interests, build self-discipline and work cooperatively with others. Campers will learn to set and achieve personal goals, practice leadership skills, relate with adults, and serve others.

Our campers will also be able to camp, explore the outdoors, and develop good conservation practices. We believe it is important to promote a sense of appreciation and respect for the natural world, and our activities are designed to help campers connect with the environment and develop an understanding of their role in protecting it.

Join us for a summer or winter of adventure, language learning, and environmental exploration at our camps in Canada. Our program is designed to help youth grow their leadership skills and self-confidence while having fun and creating lasting memories. We look forward to welcoming you!

NOTICE: At MONARCH®  Camp, we uphold a policy of non-discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, age, social status, religion, and disability. However, certain exceptions may apply in cases where the safety or well-being of our users may be affected.

Sitting by Campfire

Canada is a perfect destination for summer camps, with its abundant natural beauty and diverse cultural experiences. At our MONARCH Summer Camps in Canada, we offer a unique opportunity for kids and students to connect with nature while improving their language skills in English or French. Our personalized programs provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your children, where they can make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Come join us and let your children explore the great outdoors, learn new skills, and have fun in a harmonious setting that respects and celebrates nature.


Our Motto!

"Be Prepared for the Challenge"

It reflects the importance of being ready for whatever comes your way and embracing the excitement and growth from taking on new challenges.

This motto could inspire and motivate our campers members and groups to be proactive and prepared while encouraging them to push themselves outside their comfort zones and take on new adventures and challenges.

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Are you ready for the journey?

You'll be surprise where to go

You will save a lot of memories




Unleash Your Adventure in Canada

Embark on an extraordinary journey in Canada tailored to your preferences. Whether you seek summer thrills, winter wonder, or language academy for an English or French learning experience, we have the perfect program for you.


Immerse yourself in the academic excellence of a Canadian High School or revel in the excitement of lake-side activities at our Canada Adventures Wonders. Choose between a cozy homestay or the vibrant atmosphere of a School Residence. From individual programs to customized group adventures, Monarch Camp offers a diverse range of programs that cater to your unique needs and interests.


Discover your ideal path with us and create lifelong memories in the enchanting landscapes of Canada.

summer camps

Monarch Summer Camps offer a wide range of exciting and enriching experiences for students of all ages. Here are some of the incredible summer camp options we provide:

By the Lake

Adventure Camps:

Adventure Camps: Embark on thrilling adventures in the great Canadian outdoors. From hiking and rock climbing to zip-lining kayak, canoeing, archery, wilderness survival, water skiing, and more, our adventure camps provide a unique opportunity to explore nature, build resilience, and create lifelong memories.

CIP-Counselor-in-Training Program / LIT-Leader-in-Training Program.  Special Leadership Training and Learning Program to be able to apply and work as a leader in a summer camp in Canada.


Join us for an unforgettable summer of adrenaline, discovery, and personal growth.


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Language Immersion Camps:

Spring / Summer/ Winter

At MONARCH®   Camp, our Language Immersion Camps offer a unique and immersive language learning experience for students.


These camps are designed to enhance language skills while providing a fun and engaging environment.

In our Language Immersion Camps, students have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the target language, whether it's English or French.


The camps provide a supportive and interactive setting where students can practice their language skills in real-life situations.

Through a combination of language classes, interactive workshops, cultural activities, and social interactions, students gain confidence in speaking, listening, and understanding the language.


Our experienced language instructors use dynamic teaching methods to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Language Immersion Camps also offer a range of activities and excursions that further reinforce language learning.


Whether it's exploring local attractions, participating in group projects, or engaging in language-based games and challenges, students have ample opportunities to apply their language skills in practical contexts.

By participating in our Language Immersion Camps, students not only improve their language proficiency but also develop cultural awareness, global communication skills, and a deeper appreciation for different cultures.


It's an enriching experience that fosters language acquisition in an immersive and supportive environment.

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Specialty Camps:

Specialty Camps: Discover your passion and develop your skills in specialized areas such as sports, arts, music, science, adventure and more.


Our expert instructors provide guidance and mentorship while fostering a love for the chosen discipline. Explore new interests and unleash your full potential.

These are just a few examples of our Specialty Camp offerings. Each camp is designed to provide a unique and enriching experience tailored to the specific interests and passions of our students.


By participating in our Specialty Camps, students not only pursue their passions but also foster personal growth, develop new skills, and create lasting memories in a supportive and engaging environment.

Sitting by Campfire

Summer Camp - Camps - Traditional:

At Monarch Camp, our Traditional Summer Camps provide an immersive experience where kids not only participate in exciting activities but also stay overnight in a camp setting. Here, children have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the camp atmosphere and create lasting memories.

Our Traditional Summer Camps offer a safe and supportive environment where kids can develop valuable life skills, foster independence, and build lasting friendships. They will have the chance to stay in cabins, tents or dormitories, depending on the camp location, and experience the camaraderie and sense of community that comes with living and playing together.

Throughout their stay, campers engage in a wide range of activities such as outdoor adventures, team sports, arts and crafts, campfire activities, and more. Our experienced camp counselors and staff ensure that children feel supported, included, and encouraged to try new things.

By participating in our Traditional Summer Camps, kids not only have a fun-filled and memorable experience but also develop resilience, confidence, and a greater appreciation for nature and outdoor activities.


It's an opportunity for them to disconnect from technology, explore their surroundings, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Explore our hiking trails in the heart of an ancient forest. In the middle of nature, between lake and mountain, more than 40 km of multi-activity trails await you. Admire the surrounding wilderness from the legendary viewpoints of the mountain only 2 hrs from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For activities, accommodation or nature vacations, we have everything you need to seduce you.

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winter camps

Embark on an unforgettable winter camp adventure in Canada, where the blend of English and French language learning comes alive amidst a diverse range of thrilling activities.


Winter Camps -


At Monarch Camp, we believe in more than just teaching languages - we strive to allow students to expand their horizons and forge lifelong friendships with peers from around the world.


Step into a safe and nurturing environment where learning, exploration, and cultural immersion converge, creating memories that will shape your future. Join us on this remarkable journey of discovery, growth, and connection in the beautiful landscapes of Canada.

Monarch Camp's Winter Camps are a fantastic opportunity for students to experience the magic of a Canadian winter. From exhilarating winter sports like skiing to ice skating and snowshoeing, ice fishing, dog sledding, snowmobile, wildness survival and more, our winter camps combine outdoor adventures with English and French language learning in a snowy and picturesque setting.


Embrace the beauty of the winter season, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories at our winter camps.


La Reserve-LG2.PNG
La Reserve-LG1.PNG
La Reserve-LG3.PNG
La Reserve-LG4.PNG
La Reserve.PNG

The center par excellence during heavy snowfalls, offering freedom, pure emotions and unlimited fun. 

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Our 􀇋all-inclusive􀇋 camp􀇋 offers 􀇋you􀇋 a􀇋 unique experience,􀇋 allowing 􀇋you 􀇋to 􀇋improve 􀇋your language 􀇋skills􀇋 in 􀇋English 􀇋or 􀇋French.

Our Foreign Language Adventure Program (Flap) 􀇋Summer 􀇋camp 􀇋programs􀇋 offer 􀇋a fantastic􀇋 experience􀇋 abroad􀇋 , combining English 􀇋and 􀇋French 􀇋learning 􀇋with 􀇋a 􀇋variety
of􀇋 exciting􀇋 activities􀇋 in􀇋 a􀇋 safe􀇋 and􀇋 caring environment.􀇋



Living􀇋 with􀇋 a􀇋 host􀇋 family􀇋 is􀇋 like􀇋 living􀇋 in􀇋 a􀇋 home􀇋 away􀇋 from􀇋 home.  Our􀇋􀇋 host 􀇋families 􀇋have􀇋 been􀇋 carefully􀇋 selected.􀇋

The 􀇋homestay􀇋 option 􀇋includes:
􀇋􀇋􀇋􀇋- Shared􀇋room
􀇋􀇋􀇋􀇋- 3 􀇋meals􀇋per􀇋day
􀇋􀇋􀇋􀇋- Support􀇋 from􀇋 the host 􀇋family

􀁒Our􀇋 student􀇋 residence􀇋 is􀇋 located􀇋 􀇋 5􀇋 minutes􀇋 from􀇋 our􀇋 main campus.􀇋

Living􀇋 in residence􀇋 will􀇋 give􀇋 you􀇋 the􀇋 opportunity􀇋 to􀇋 connect
with􀇋 other􀇋 international􀇋 students􀇋 for􀇋 the􀇋 duration􀇋 of􀇋 your􀇋 􀇋program. You􀇋 will 􀇋have 􀇋access 􀇋to 􀇋24/􀆶7 􀇋support 􀇋􀇋and 􀇋supervision 􀇋offered 􀇋by friendly􀇋􀇋 staff 􀇋who􀇋 will 􀇋be􀇋 there􀇋 for 􀇋you􀇋 throughout 􀇋your􀇋 stay.

Did you know that Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris? 
Discover the captivating charm of Montreal, the second largest French-speaking city in the world, which transcends borders with its unique bilingual charm. At MONARCH® -FLAP (Foreign Language Adventure Program) in Montreal, we offer an extraordinary language learning experience that goes beyond borders. Here's why you should choose us:
    Prime Location: Explore the charm of Old Montreal, our school's vibrant location in the heart of the city.
    Personalized attention: Benefit from small classes, with a maximum of 16 students per class, ensuring focused learning.
    Personalized approach: Enjoy a personalized journey with monthly progress reports to track your language development.
Exceptional facilities: Enjoy our world-class facilities, including cafeterias, computer labs, study rooms and a lovely terrace.
Accredited excellence: Trust our accreditation by Languages Canada, guaranteeing the highest quality language instruction.
Join us at MONARCH® -FLAP-BLI - Montreal and unleash your bilingual potential in a captivating language learning environment.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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Comfortable outdoor base on the edge of a magnificent private lake:

The hostel is a good choice for families and groups of adults who want to combine the charm of nature and the outdoors. We are now installed in the Lanaudière, Québec, Canada.

A hostel with 24 rooms (96 places) with bunk beds to accommodate 4 to 5 people per room. The rooms are located on the first and second floors, divided into 4 sections. 

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student residence

                Summer Camp City Programmes                  School Residences :

  • Summer City Programmes: Travel, improve English, and explore vibrant urban environments

  • Live, Learn, and Grow: Language learning, cultural immersion, and new friendships

  • Summer Camps: Unforgettable memories, traditional settings, and thrilling adventures

  • Premium locations: University residences and classrooms for an enhanced experience

  • Qualified staff: Motivated, caring, and dedicated to student success

  • Personal attention: Individualized support and student-centered programs

  • Multicultural atmosphere: Fostering openness and embracing Canadian traditions

Choose Monarch for a transformative summer experience in Canada.

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alternative accommodation


Outdoor Family Day

Cultural Immersion Programs - Host Families:

Our Cultural Immersion Programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Canadian culture, practice English, and forge connections with local students. With a carefully curated itinerary, participants engage in educational activities, live with welcoming host families, and partake in unique experiences that showcase the rich tapestry of Canadian life.


Alternative Accommodation
Studios / Apartments

Experience alternative accommodation options that go beyond traditional homestays and student residences.


At Monarch Camp, we offer a diverse selection of attractive alternatives, including stylish furnished apartments and studios.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant city of Montreal while enjoying the comfort and convenience of our well-located accommodations.


With our commitment to providing excellent value and top-notch housing solutions, we ensure that your stay with us is nothing short of exceptional.


Discover the perfect home away from home with Monarch Camp.


Monarch® Camps: Your Gateway to an Extraordinary Canadian Adventure

Headquartered in the vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec, Monarch® Camps is your passport to an unforgettable journey across Canada. With a nationwide presence, we offer exceptional quality and support, ensuring a remarkable experience wherever you explore.

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Canada with our adventure nature programs,  language & cultural immersion programs, and Homestay programs.


DISCOVER CANADA WITH OUR TOURS: From the awe-inspiring landscapes of British Columbia to the rich cultural tapestry of Quebec, we provide authentic Canadian ADVENTURES That surpass expectations.

Whether you're travelling with a study group or venturing out individually, our dedicated local team of experienced staff will be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

Embark on a magical adventure with Monarch® Camps and create lifelong memories that capture the true spirit of Canada.



At MONARCH® Camps, we believe in providing International Students and youth with an unforgettable Canadian camp experience. Our Canadian Programs Camps offer participants unique opportunities to develop their leadership skills and confidence in a safe and secure bubble. As they socialize with other campers, they'll develop essential intrapersonal skills and make friendships that will last a lifetime.


One of the most significant benefits of our program is the chance to open their opportunities: Expanding Knowledge, Unlocking Potential, and Soaring towards Life's Boundless Opportunities in our Adventure Camp Programs!"  and their knowledge of Canada and its culture while building a solid understanding of conversational English and French. Our dynamic and sensory program integrates group activities, traditional Canadian cuisine, and props to spark children's imaginations and create lasting memories. This unique approach boosts confidence and accelerates mastering English or French regardless of the starting level.


We pride ourselves on promoting good conservation practices and providing a fun and educational experience to help participants gain self-reliance, pursue hobbies and personal interests, and cooperate in setting and achieving personal goals. In addition, our campers will return to their homes with an enhanced understanding of Canada and the English & French language, along with valuable leadership skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.



"Embark on unforgettable adventures and create lasting memories in our beautifully crafted Wonders of Canadian Adventures, where rustic charm meets exciting activities. With a focus on experiencing nature and building new skills, our Adventures Programs provide a unique and enriching experience for campers of all ages. Join us for an unforgettable summer or winter filled with fun and adventure!"

MONARCH® & ASSOCIATES CAMP, is a certified and accredited camp by 60 Canadian Standards of Camp Association requirements for safety, supervision, programming, environment and food.

At Monarch Camp, safety will always be our top priority! Parents can rest assured that their children will be safe, protected, and comfortable while attending our Monarch Canadian Camp.


We understand that parents want the best for their children, ensuring their safety and well-being. That's why we've taken extensive measures to create a secure, nurturing environment that allows campers to thrive. Our experienced staff is trained to handle any situation that may arise, and we have a comprehensive safety protocol to ensure that all activities are safe and secure at all times.


We also understand that campers may be concerned about being away from home, so we've created a welcoming and supportive atmosphere fostering a sense of community and belonging. As a result, our campers socialize in a safe and protected bubble, allowing them to develop their interpersonal skills and build meaningful friendships while feeling secure and comfortable.

Safety is the primary concern at our camps.

First and foremost, everything is evaluated in terms of safety: activities, equipment, materials, facilities and buildings, and water quality (for drinking and swimming). Presence and movement control on the campsite, outings, or expeditions are also evaluated. Medication management is part of a strict protocol, and first-aid certifications are verified.

Camp menus approved by nutritionists
Menus take into account different diets and rigorously meet the needs of campers with allergies or food intolerances. Meal preparation is entrusted to a team led by a trained and certified professional.

The quality of supervision is subject to a number of strict standards
The ratio of children per activity leader is checked, as are the staff's age, level of education, and criminal record.

Overall, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are in good hands at Monarch Camp, where we prioritize safety and security above all else. 



At Monarch Camp, we believe that every child has the potential to learn and grow through outdoor experiences. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that encourages kids to explore, discover, and challenge themselves.

We believe that by fostering a love for nature, promoting leadership and teamwork skills, and encouraging a sense of community, we can help children develop into confident, compassionate, and responsible individuals.


Our philosophy is to inspire a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and a passion for learning, while creating unforgettable summer memories.



Monarch Camp offers a unique and fun way for kids to learn English/ French and immerse themselves in a different cultural environment.


By participating in our summer camp, children can develop fluency and confidence in English/French while enjoying outdoor activities in the beautiful Canadian wilderness. In addition, our program provides a positive and memorable experience that will encourage a lifelong love of language and learning.


So join us and create lasting memories while expanding your language skills!



  1.     Will my child have to do all the program activities?
    At Monarch Camp, we encourage all campers to participate in our program activities. Still, ultimately it is up to each camper to decide which activities they would like to join. Our staff is always available to ensure campers feel comfortable in every activity and will encourage them to participate as much as possible.

  2.     How are the activities divided in the weeks?
    Our program is designed to provide a balance of outdoor adventure activities, language learning, and cultural experiences. The specific schedule is provided upon registration.

  3.     What are the benefits of attending Monarch Camp?
    Attending Monarch Camp offers numerous benefits, including language learning, cultural immersion, outdoor adventure experiences, socialization, and lifelong friendships.

  4.      What if I want to know how my child is doing during the camp?
      We provide regular updates to parents through our online parent portal and encourage parents to reach out to our staff members with any concerns or questions.

  5.      Do campers need to bring money?
      All expenses are included in the camp fee. However, campers may bring spending money for souvenirs or other personal expenses.

  6.     Will there be campers from other countries?
    There may be campers from other countries.

  7.     Can campers speak Spanish with their friends during the camp?
    We encourage campers to speak English / French as much as possible to enhance their language learning experience, but they can speak Spanish with their friends during their free time.

  8.     Why should I send my child to Monarch Camp instead of another camp in Canada or another country camp?
      Monarch Camp offers a unique opportunity to experience language learning, cultural immersion, and outdoor adventure in a safe and supportive environment. Our highly trained staff members are dedicated to creating a memorable and enriching experience for every camper.

  9.    If the camper/ kid need medication?
    Our camp has a responsible monitor available 24/7 who is certified in first aid and CPR. Campers are not allowed to self-medicate, and our staff is not permitted to administer any medication. We kindly request that parents inform our responsible monitor in advance if their child needs to take any medication, and the medication should be handed directly to the monitor on the day of arrival. If a camper feels unwell, our responsible monitor will assess the situation and recommend a treatment or medication. We will contact parents to discuss and make a decision together.

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*Product specifications are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function, availability or design.

Fists in Solidarity


  1. Be on time for meetings with your group, counsellors, teachers and/or advisors, and always let them know where you are if you leave the group.

  2.  Inform a staff member if you are unable to participate in program activities due to illness, injury or personal reasons. They can then help you.

  3.  Keep restrooms, rest areas and cafeteria clean and tidy by cleaning up after yourself.

  4.  Children and teens should be in bed by 10:30 p.m. and should be quiet to let others sleep until 8 a.m. the next day.

  5.  Only hang out with other students in supervised common areas, and boys and girls may not be in each other's rooms. 

  6.  It is okay to show affection, but keep it appropriate and to a minimum.

  7.  Always be safe and responsible, and don't do anything that could harm others or yourself.  And in places exposed to water always wear and put on a life jacket.

  8.  Do not smoke, gamble or consume alcohol, drugs or bring weapons to camp.

  9.  Do not indulge in bullying; if someone harasses you, tell a staff member immediately. Likewise, refrain from any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, neglect, intimidation or exploitation.

  10.  Be respectful to everyone at camp, including teachers, staff and other students. Not say or do anything mean or threatening.

  11.  When you arrive at the camp, you must give a deposit to cover any damage to the facilities that you cause. If you do not cause any damage, we will return your deposit at the end of the camp (You will see the amount on the registration form).

  12.  Don't even think of messing with the fire alarms and don't set them off unless it is a real emergency. If you do, you will lose your deposit. Also, activating a fire alarm in a non-emergency situation is illegal in Canada.

  13.  Respect the rules!  Not venturing into the woods alone is one of them and then some.

  14.  Failure to respect and heed them can be cause for endangering yourself and others.



When Canada and its camping adventures? it is important to highlight Canada's worldwide recognition. 

Here are some benefits and key points to highlight:

1. Natural beauty: Canada is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, with varied landscapes that include majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes, lush forests and vast expanses of tundra. This provides an ideal setting for outdoor activities and camping adventures.

 2. Diversity of experiences: Canada offers a wide variety of camp experiences, from wilderness adventures to cultural and sporting activities. Canadian MONARCH® camps provide unique opportunities to explore and enjoy activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, downhill skiing, wildlife viewing and much more.

3.  Safety and quality: Canada stands out for its focus on the safety and quality of camp programs. Safety standards are high, and Canadian camps often comply with stringent regulations and are staffed by trained and experienced personnel. This provides peace of mind for both participants and their families.

4. Education and learning: MONARCH® camps in Canada offer exciting adventures and educational opportunities. Our programs integrate English and French language learning and awareness activities, environmental conservation, and interpersonal skills development. This allows participants to acquire valuable knowledge and skills while having fun.

5. Culture and diversity: Canada is a multicultural and welcoming country, which provides an enriching environment for international participants. Canadian MONARCH® camps encourage interaction between people from different cultures and promote mutual understanding and respect.

6. Life experience: Participating in a MONARCH® camp in Canada offers young people the opportunity for a unique and enriching experience. In addition to the adventures and learning, participants will create lasting memories, develop leadership skills, establish international friendships and grow as individuals.

By highlighting these aspects, you will be able to convey Canada's uniqueness and appeal as a camp destination, building on its worldwide recognition and providing an unforgettable experience for participants. MONARCH® your camp you can trust!




Embark on Unforgettable Adventures with Monarch Camp:  
Your Partner for Extraordinary Experiences


MONARCH® Camps are your trusted companion in creating extraordinary experiences for international students. From exhilarating summer camps and seamless school integration programs to comprehensive High School adventures focusing on academic growth, we offer diverse programs tailored to students' unique needs.

Join our network of AffiliatesAmbassadors and Customer Referral Programs and tap into our unrivalled expertise in Canada, providing your students unparalleled opportunities to explore the captivating beauty of this remarkable country. We work closely with our partners to personalize the experience, ensuring we find the best program for their clients.

At MONARCH® Camps, we prioritize support. We are committed to delivering the best experience for you and your clients throughout the entire duration of the program. With diverse options across various provinces catering to students aged 12 to 22, we guarantee abundant choices for an enriching journey. Or students and professionals wanting to improve their English or French language and study in the language academy in Montréal, Quebéc, Canada.

Confidence is key when promoting Canada to your clients; with MONARCH® Camps, you can feel assured. Our extensive expertise and knowledge translate into a comprehensive range of support materials designed for AffiliatesAmbassadors or Customer referral partners like you. In addition, we streamline operational processes, making it easy for you to focus on your clients while we take care of the rest.

Join forces with MONARCH® Camps and embark on a seamless partnership that empowers students to embark on transformative journeys filled with personal growth, cultural immersion, and academic success. Together, let us create unforgettable experiences for students from around the globe.

But that's not all – we're providing every MONARCH PARTNER with a Customer Referral Package that includes 20 MONARCH Referral Cards. These materials make it easy for you to share your code with your network and earn some extra cash.

At MONARCH®, we value our community and want to give back to those who share our passion for the great outdoors. That's why we created the AMBASSADOR PROGRAM AND Referral Rewards Program – to reward our loyal partners and customers of yours for helping us spread the word about CAMPS IN CANADA. With t programS, you can earn some extra cash while sharing your love of the outdoors with others.

So why not join the AMBASSADOR PROGRAM OR Referral Rewards program today and start sharing your love of MONARCH®  CAMPS with your friends and family? You'll be doing them a favour by helping them save on their purchase, and you'll be earning some extra cash in the process.


Join the MONARCH family today!



Unlock Earning Potential with our Ambassador and Referral Programs

At Monarch Camp, we believe in rewarding our valued partners and customers. That's why we offer two exciting programs designed to help you earn while promoting unforgettable experiences.


Join our Ambassador Program and become a dedicated advocate for Monarch Camp. Engage with potential customers and actively participate in our promotion. As an Ambassador, you'll enjoy the opportunity to earn generous referral fees when your referred customers sign up and pay in full for their camp experience.


In addition, our Customer Referral Program allows you to share exclusive savings with your friends and family. When they use your unique Referral Code to book their camp adventure and complete their full payment, you'll receive cash rewards as a thank you for your support.

Referral fees will be paid out promptly upon your referred customers signing up and paying the full amount, ensuring you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

Join our Ambassador and Referral Programs today, and embark on a rewarding journey with Monarch Camp. Start earning while spreading the joy of unforgettable Adventure experiences.


  1. Referrer Information:

  • Full Name:

  • Email:

  • Phone Number:

  • Relationship to Referee (e.g., parent, relative, friend):

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MONARCH®   Camps, from now on referred to as "MONARCH®," is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard your personal information by applicable legislation.


By providing your personal information to Monarch or its authorized representatives, you consent to collecting, using, and disclosing such information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. You can withdraw your consent anytime, subject to legal and contractual obligations. However, withdrawing consent may impact our ability to provide specific programs, services, or information.

What Personal Information do we collect?

MONARCH®   collects personal information to facilitate and deliver our educational programs and services. This may include but is not limited to your name, contact details, educational history, academic transcripts, and other relevant details.

Why do we collect your Personal Information?

We collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:

1.     Program Enrolment and Administration: To process your application, manage your enrolment, and provide our educational programs and services.

2.     Communication: To communicate with you, respond to your inquiries, and provide information about our programs, updates, and promotions.

3.     Compliance: To comply with legal and regulatory requirements, including obtaining legal guardianship, study permits, and immigration approvals.

4.     Improvements and Research: To enhance and improve our programs, services, and offerings through research and analysis.

5.     Marketing and Promotions: To inform you about new programs, special offers, and events that may interest you.

6.     Internal Operations: To manage and administer our internal operations, including record-keeping, billing, and customer support.

¿A quién revelamos su información personal?

MONARCH® puede revelar su información personal a las siguientes partes sólo en la medida necesaria para cumplir con los fines descritos en esta Política de Privacidad:

1.     Representantes Autorizados: Nuestros representantes autorizados, incluidos los coordinadores del programa, instructores y personal de apoyo, requieren acceso a su información para facilitar la ejecución del programa y proporcionar el apoyo necesario.

2.      Proveedores de servicios: Terceros proveedores de servicios que nos ayudan a ofrecer nuestros programas y servicios, como proveedores de alojamiento, empresas de transporte e instituciones educativas.

3.     Autoridades legales y reguladoras: Cuando lo exija o lo permita la ley, podemos revelar información personal para cumplir con las obligaciones legales y reglamentarias o responder a solicitudes legales y procesos legales.

¿Cómo protegemos su Información Personal?

MONARCH® mantiene salvaguardas físicas y tecnológicas apropiadas para proteger su información personal contra el acceso, uso, divulgación, alteración o destrucción no autorizados. Restringimos el acceso a la información personal a las personas autorizadas que la necesitan para fines comerciales legítimos y nos aseguramos de que les vinculen estrictas obligaciones de confidencialidad.


Conservación de la información personal

Conservamos su información personal durante el tiempo necesario para cumplir los fines para los que fue recopilada y para cumplir las leyes y normativas aplicables. Los datos personales se destruirán de forma segura o se convertirán en anónimos cuando ya no sean necesarios.

Sus derechos y opciones

Usted tiene determinados derechos y opciones en relación con su información personal, como acceder a sus datos, corregirlos o eliminarlos. También puede retirar su consentimiento u oponerse al tratamiento de su información personal, con sujeción a los requisitos legales y contractuales. Para ejercer sus derechos o realizar cualquier solicitud, póngase en contacto con nuestro Responsable de Privacidad utilizando la información de contacto que se facilita a continuación, enviando un correo electrónico a


Política de Privacidade

MONARCH® se reserva el derecho de actualizar o modificar esta Política de Privacidad sin previo aviso. Cualquier cambio entrará en vigor cuando se publique la Política de Privacidad revisada en nuestro sitio web. Le animamos a que revise periódicamente esta Política de Privacidad por si hubiera alguna actualización.



Si tiene alguna pregunta, duda o solicitud en relación con esta Política de Privacidad o nuestras prácticas de privacidad, póngase en contacto con nuestro Responsable de Privacidad en la dirección

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