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“Your unique experience on the water”

Your Dream SUP

About us

About us:


Monarch® Dream Sup division represents the world's leading manufacturer of the original polycarbonate transparent domes, kayaks and sup. As of today, several thousand transparent SUP have been produced for over 40 countries. As the sole supplier for America is pleased to be able to offer 5th generation Monarch® Dream Sup models with the best design and quality.

Don't let yourself be fooled by imitations!  

For more information, contact us.


Product Introduction:


Our luxury transparent SUP Board offers a truly unique experience. Instead of just floating on the surface, you can look through your paddle board into the bottom of the lake as you paddle around.

Enjoy a unique sailing experience thanks to this outstanding paddle board's stability, maneuverability and design.

Even after many years of exposure to intense sunlight, its UV protection ensures that its brilliance and transparency remain intact.

We have placed safety at the heart of our Paddle board's design so that your journey over the marine world will remain engraved in your memory.

SUP calm1.png
Main Material



Light Weight

The main part of the SUP Board is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic resin titled "Plastic King." It's durable and corrosion-resistant.

Polycarbonate (PC) material has no toxic substances, high heat resistance, good toughness and impact strength, and high flame resistance. As a result, it has various applications in industry and construction, such as aircraft cabin covers, architectural special-shaped curtain walls, bulletproof glass, explosion-proof shields, etc.


Main Materials

SUP in the beach.png

The clear and transparent MONARCH® Dream SUP is very lightweight, all thanks to the polycarbonate material used to make it. 

The SUP is so light, which makes it easy to carry and transport from one sport to the next. Being lightweight, this SUP board floats so well on the water and is practically unsinkable.

Light Weight

Light Weight

SUP calm.png

Transparency is the main advantage of the transparent MONARCH® Dream SUP board.


This vessel features an all-clear and transparent material that is 100% visible inside and outside.


What’s more?


It allows you to see the bottom of the sea with all its wonders. It gives you the freedom and opportunity to explore the surrounding marine life while out on the water.


With the clear and transparent SUP, you can watch the fish swim and the whales cuddling up. You can also see exotic marine plants and rock formations.

Optical Transparency

Optical Trasparecy

High Stability & Longevity

Clear SUP Board (33).jpg

The double curved edge serves the dimensional stability of the board and the unadulterated transparency without light refraction on the board’s surface.


The all-around solid rubber protection ensures increased longevity of the SUP board.

Durable and Hard Wearing


Although lightweight, do not be fooled because this SUP PC Board is durable and sturdy.

It is as strong, exemplary, or better than most sturdy SUP Boards in the market. All this is because of the firm and polycarbonate material used to construct this SUP

You can hit a rock without causing severe damage to your SUP when out on the water.



SUP stand it.PNG

Monarch® Transparent Dream SUP

SUP Paddle.png

Monarch® SUP Paddle

Foot spiral 1.PNG

Monarch® Foot Spiral Leash


Monarch® Rudder

SUP Specification

SUP stand it.PNG

Product Name:

Monarch® Transparent Dream Sup/ Stand-Up Paddle Board


Main Material: 

Polycarbonate (PC)

Colour: Black / Blue / White

Product Sizes:


Product Weight

Large 3122 x Width 834 x Height 210 – Weight 23 kg

Large 2950 x Width 809 x Height 195 – Weight 21 kg

Large 2950 x Width 809 x Height 195 – Weight 21 kg


SUP Handle - 02.png

Easily portable

With the handle integrated under the stand, the board is easily portable by one person without the handle obstructing the view.

SUP Handle 04.png

Paddle Material: Alu. Alloy

Blade Material: High-strength plastic

Color: Black

Size: 163-215cm



Spiral Leash for foot
Foot spiral A.png

Size: ~ L3.3M

Diameter of the Wire: 6mm

Color: Black

Spiral Leash / Foot rope


Clear SUP Board (14).jpg

Fin box slot


Once aligned, screw your fin tightly into the fin box slot plate so you don’t lose it when paddling.  


Insert the fin base into the fin box slot and slide it to the rear of the fin box. The tip of the fin should point toward the tail of the board.  


Rudder in the back


Your Logo

Your Logo

Your Private Logo®  

"The best way to stand up is the best way to stand out!"

We can put your logo any ware!


You want to create your own brand?

You want to promote your company

You want to advertise your hotel?

You want to stand out from your competition?


We are proud to manufacture our ODM products and put your innovative private-logo and build them for you to stand out of the competition!


We develop tailor-made production, design, and manufacturing solutions for our customers' ODM and OEM private label requirements. In addition to providing OEM and ODM services for many clients, our company is well-known for its strong capability to offer manufacturing services for the increasingly discerning global community. We build-to-order and just-in-time production.


To achieve production efficiency and be cost-effective, we usually start with a MOQ. This is because our production lines are designed for mass production.

We can offer the most competitive prices to our customers, avoiding many material surcharges.  

Products of your interest include but are not limited to the paddles sports industry (SUP, kayak, deck bags, paddle bags, garments, etc.) 


SUP+Wooden Case Package (1).jpg
Wooden Case Package (4).jpg
SUP Wooden Case Package (5).jpg
  •  Products are shipped, and we usually will use a wooden case package.

  • About 22 sets of SUP Board can be loaded in a 20ft container.

  • About 66 sets of SUP boards can be loaded in a 40ft container.

  • It's more economical for you to ship the goods by LCL if you order about 20 units of SUP Boards.

  • The length of the wooden case for the SUP Board package is 3.1m, so there will be much space that we can not use for a full container. (Dead-Freight)

  • M. O. Q.: 10 units

  • Forty-five days for production + Transit time from the carrier for the Ocean Container load.

All prices are EXW (the final price will depend on the carrier to provide the rate)

PC Dome - 9406900090

PC Kayak - 3907400000

SUP Board - 9506290000  

Other Products of Monarch® Dream Line

Other Dream Line Products

Monarch® 360°Transparent Dream Line

Transparent Kayaks

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Transparent Domes

Monarch 5.3r.png

If you are interested, please get in touch with us. For more information:


The primary material of the product adopts imported polycarbonate (the basic fabric of bullet-proof glass and explosion-proof shield) and aviation aluminum profile, which has high safety and robust protection. 


At the same time, the product adopts a modular assembly design, the installation and disassembly process is simple and fast, and the on-site assembly cost is low.


Monarch®™ series products have a variety of models and outcomes of different specifications that can be spliced and combined. As a result, the product is highly flexible and can meet the application needs of multiple scenarios.

Kayak Transparent

Transparent Kayaks Monarch® Dream Line

Transparent Kayaks
"Your Dream Adventure"


German Bayer imported polycarbonate (PC): double-sided 100μ UV coating, 100% UV resistance.

The polycarbonate's durable and lightweight features let its application range from totally flat to breezy and choppy waters.

With potent anti-aging and impact resistance features, this series will become more popular and beautiful scenery on the water.


Our PC boats are great for hotels/resorts, water sport rental companies, vacation homes, and also for individuals with enthusiasm.


Domes Monarch® Dream Line

Dome Transparent

Monarch® 360°Transparent Dome

Monarch 6a.png
Monarch 6e.png



German Bayer imported polycarbonate (PC): double-sided 100μ UV coating, 100% UV resistance.

Aluminum Alloy Base:  6063-T5 version with anodized treatment.

For more information contact us:


Monarch® 6.0 dome with  ample space solution for many different occasions, It can be also used for other purposes, for example a dining area for upto 20 people, accommodation with a doublebed and chair with a table,  living room, lounge room, leisure place to enjoy nature and the contemplate the starry sky. So many applications! Only your imagination is the limit! Restaurant/ Solarium// Eatery/ Spa

Good Light Transmittance (can reach up to 90%)

It will not be yellowing or fogging, decreasing light transmission, or even sun exposure.

UV Resistance

An anti-ultraviolet co-extrusion layer on the surface prevents the resin from aging and yellowing caused by sunlight and ultraviolet rays. In addition, the surface co-extruded layer has chemical bonds to absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into visible light, stabilizing plant photosynthesis (It is very suitable for protecting valuable artworks and exhibits from UV damage.)

Temperature Resistance

Will not cause quality deterioration such as deformation in the range of -40℃ ~ +120℃

Flame Retardance

According to the national GB8624-97 test, it belongs to the flame retardant B1 level, with no fire drop, no poisonous gas

Impact Resistance

The impact strength of a PC endurance board is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +1(514)694-7267 or fill out the following form

International Sales & Marketing:

MONARCH®™ / MONARCA / Triton®™   

a Division of

Group Monarch International Inc.


International Sales & Marketing:


Tel: +1 (514) 694-7267


Cel/ Whatapp: +1(514) 694-7267

Ask us about the SUP and Kayak transparent

Become a distributor:


To apply to become a distributor, please send a cover letter together with your company profile. to:

logo transarent 1.PNG

This consolidated version of the information is prepared for the reader's convenience and has no official value. No warranty is given as to the accuracy of the text. For each country, city, district and community, the reader should consult the official version of the by-law and proper regulations before buying and installing a Monarch® dome.

Vérifiez aupès de vos autorités la Loi sur l’aménagement et l’urbanisme

Product production is based on the current molds of the factory, and we have the rights to adjust the products

according to needs.

Copyright notice.


Copyright© 2023 GROUP MONARCH INTERNATIONAL INC.(Canada) (México),

 MONARCA/ MONACH™/® , TRITON®™/   Cocomfort ®™/ Kitty Litter™ sont des marques déposées sous licence. / All rights reserved. Todos los derechos reservados


All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners./ Toutes les autres marques de commerce appartiennent à leur propriéte respectifs. /  Todas las otras marcas registradas son propiedad de los propietarios respectivos.

All rights reserved/ Sont des marques déposé sous licence./ Todos los derechos reservados



The elements contained in the technical specifications of each Monarch®/™ Domes, as well as those relating to the conception and design of each of the domes designed by the Group Monarch International Inc., in particular, all the architectural and visual elements, are the exclusive property of the Group Monarch International Inc., They constitute works protected by copyright, in particular by the provisions of the Copyright Act. No element of the configurations of each dome and plans relating to the conception and design of the Group Monarch International Inc. domes may be used, reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means. whatsoever, without the written permission of Group Monarch International Inc.


Be advised that any violation of this warning will be subject to legal proceedings by Group Monarch International Inc. without delay or additional notice.

Advertissement relative au droit d’auteur


Les éléments contenus dans les specifications techniques de  chaque Monarch®/™ Domes ainsi que ceux relatifs à la conception et au design de chacune des domes conçues par le Group Monarch International Inc., en particulier tous les éléments architecturaux et visuels, sont la propriéte exclusive de le Group Monarch International Inc., Ils constituent des oeuvres protégées par le droit d’auteur, en particulier par les dispositions de la Loi sur le droit d’auteur. Aucun élément des configurations de chaque dôme et se plans au relative à la conception et au design des domes de le Group Monarch International Inc. ne peut être utilize, reproduit ou transmis, en totalité ou en partie, sous quelque forme ou par quelque moyen que ce soit, sans l’autorisation écrite de Group Monarch International Inc.


Soyez avisés que toute contravention au present avertissement fera l’objet de procedures judiciaries par le Group Monarch International Inn. Sans délai ou préavis supplémentaire.


These specifications and/or datasheets are for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for product performance.  Before commercial production, We recommend that this product should be evaluated in your laboratory and confirm that the same meet your expectation. We disclaim any and all warranties, whether express or implied, and especially disclaim the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

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