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Equestrian Stabilizer Surface Solution!

Ideal for mixing with existing, sand or it can be mix with new sand!

For optimum performance, it’s important to keep the sand and fiber surface moist at all times, either through watering or rainfall. However, the moisture-retaining qualities of Cocomfort Equestrian Fiber may reduce the amount of watering needed in long spells of dry weather.


Mixed with sand to mimic a sod surface.


  • -  Increases cushion, stability, rebound, and grip

  • -   Prevents over-compaction

  • -  Improved shock absorption

  • -   Reduces the stress, joint and tendon injuries

  • -   Provide the sand with a root structure to stabilizes the surface.

  • -   Retains moisture

  • -   Free up pore space within the sand, allowing water to pass to prevent pudding.

  • -  Soft

  • -   Super absorbent

  • -  No odor

  • -  Eco-friendly

  • -  Hygienic

  • -   Reduce maintenance 

  •  -  Prolong your equestrian surface its lifespan

  • -   Saves $$$ 

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