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Introducing the future in plastic boxes & collapsible crates



The Organic and Eco-Conscious Coir Solution!
La fibre de coco pour in solution biologique et écoresponsable!

Benefits of using coco peat:

- High moisture retention ability
- Improves the physical & biological condition of soil while enhancing the aeration. It prevents the hardening of potting soil and increase soil porosity
- Enhances a strong & healthy root growth
- Porous structure & high water holding capacity in coco peat results in reduction in the soil temperature
- Coco peat medium contain natural enzymes, hummus & some plants nutrients
- The pH content of Coco peat ranges from neutral to slightly acid, and is beneficial for plants
- 100% Natural substance and there is not harmful effect on the environment 
- Eco-friendly solution to replace peat moss, rock wool or any other growing medium. 
- The potential of COCOMFORT, peat, fiber and husk as a superior growth medium for plants has been know for generations of orchid- growers.
- Becoming increasingly popular among the gardening hobbyist

Sustainable for used in:

- Home & gardens to bed plans
- Pot mix manufacturers
- Nurserie
- Green houses
- Blueberries, Mushroom production
- Hydroponic cultivation of vegetables, flowers, and fruits
- Landscaping activities
- Soil amedment
- Co-substrate for comptost
- Worm casting
- Farming activities
- Erosion control
- Bedding in farm animals, pet or reptiles (terrarium substrate)
- Infill in the synthetic turf
- Oil or any spillage absorbent
- Packaging material
- Biological filter for odor control

 COCOMFORT® - Moisture retainers/ Weed Suppressors Disk

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Coir Erosion Control Netting

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