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We open doors to new markets and business opportunities

Step 1. Evaluate Your Export Potential


Assess Your Competitive Position


Assess Your Organizational Readiness


Assess Your Product or Service Readiness




Step 2. Select and Research Target Foreign Markets


Researching Foreign Markets


Identifying Attractive Foreign Markets


Trade Missions and Personal Visits


Trade Shows and Exhibitions


Support for Your Market Research



Step 3. Master the Terminology of Exporting


General Trade Vocabulary


INCO Terms


Expressions and Terms Related to Export  Financing



Step 4. Choose an Entry Strategy




Direct Selling




Developing a Partnering Strategy





Step 5. Determine Your Price


Cost Factors


Export Pricing Methods


Pricing Strategies


Export Quotations


Export Pricing Worksheets



Step 6. Promote Your Product or Service


Promoting Services




Promotional Options



Step 7. Arrange Your Financing


How You Can Expect to Be Paid


How to Make Sure You Get Paid


Where to Look for Financing



Step 8. Get Your Product or Service to Market


Transportation Options


Delivering Services


Freight Forwarders


Packing of Goods




Product Labelling


Types of Insurance


Documentation for Overseas Shipping



Step 9. Implement Your Export Plan


Build Your Team


The Trial Run: Market Selection


The Trial Run: Preparation


The Trial Run: Implementation



Step 10. Review and Revise Your Export Strategy


Ten Common Exporting Errors

Our Key Services for Export for Competitiviness

Whether your company is already exporting or wishes to develop its activities on international markets, Group Monarch International Inc. " Group Monarch ” offers to help you in all the steps of you export strategy.


At Group Monarch, we are specialized in international business development. Our main goal is to help you develop your sales. For that, we offer you our solid expertise and our impressive network of international contacts developed over the last 25 years.


Selling a product on a new market where other companies are already present is never a simple thing. Also, in order to get results, the prospection must be relentless. Group Monarch does not only provide you with prospects, we also offer you to do the follow-up, reminders, to participate in negotiations and any necessary travel, to ensure that an agreement could succeed and most importantly that your business can grow.


Do you have the time to manage an export department? Do you have a qualified staff in the international who speak foreign languages, who know about different work cultures and international trade best practices? Group Monarch offers to help you in these efforts; we act in any way as an outsourced export department.


In fact, it is very important to have someone to talk to day-to-day, that can develop this business relationship, someone who can respond to phone calls in English/French/ Spanish, that can respond to all the demands of partners and customers in the shortest possible time. This is reassuring and shows stability. This availability is essential for the development of mutual trust.


Thanks to Group Monarch and his follow-up in monitoring commercial & administrative issues, your international strategy is bearing fruit: you start to have orders, resulting in more day to day management, which can be time consuming; Group Monarch can help you with the outsourcing of the export department and particularly with the commercial follow-up.

With the outsourcing of your export department, you will have an easier task and can be confident about the circulation of your products across borders!

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