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Glamping lodging - Hotel – Restaurant

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

A new concept of unusual accommodation to spend a night under the stars! These transparent domes for sleeping are a real revolution.

They are adapted to Glamping and offer you security and purity in all transparency!

We propose several uses for nights under the stars, but not only!

Indeed, these transparent domes are perfect for creating small ephemeral meeting spaces inside or outside, accommodations dedicated to Airbnb, party rentals, or the development of terraces or rooftops for your restaurant.

This new concept of unusual accommodation has been created from polycarbonate and offers solidity, transparency and impeccable performance over time. Our MONARCH® Domes is the new glamping concept!

We offer different diameters ranging from 2.10 m, 3.50 m, 4 m, 5 m, to 10 m in diameter. In addition, some parts of these transparent domes can be connected (to create a shower room, a bedroom, a living room, etc.) Transparent at the base, it is possible to customize it. In architecture, these unusual transparent structures can also be used for installation in open spaces in order to create meeting rooms, a calm and confidential working space for your collaborators.

The MONARCH® dome is ready for any occasion; choose yours!

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